Features Small Business Websites Must Have

As a small enterprise holder, you are always seeking ways to build your business and get a better ROI. You are probably aware that a website is one of the most powerful marketing tools available, and you may believe the time has come to have a website designed but are still hesitant due to the costs, time, expertise and labor involved.

The good news is that you do not have to engage the services of a web design company to have a useful website. You can create the site yourself using the information found in the 50 features a small business must have context. This infographic will enable you to develop, plan and implement your website correctly, while understanding how to maximize its sales potential. This will help maximize on your marketing budget, and you will have a surplus at your disposal as you will not source help from outside.

More so, other than learning what features should be included in an effective website, you will have the chance to learn what you should not include, and this is extremely critical since a poorly designed site will result in visitors abandoning you for the competition, while also resulting in a bad search engine rankings. This poor ranking translates to reduced sales and as a result, your business will be unable to attain its goals.

Using the tips in the infographic will enable you to reach your goal of establishing your business in your particular niche in the online marketplace. And best of all, you need not be a programmer or even have a given level of technological expertise to understand and implement the infographic’s features. Descriptions are presented in a clear and concise manner.

Infographic Transcript


  • Domain name

  • Logo and a clear tagline representing what you do

  • Tagline displaying what your business does

  • Call to action button

  • Phone number

  • Clear and east to read top navigation

  • Breadcrumb navigation on all pages

Above The Fold

  • Slider

  • Crucial Business information

  • Testimonials and reviews

Below The Fold

  • Key features of your product or service

  • Quality content written

  • Internal links to inner pages


  • Contact information

  • Business hours

  • Footer navigation

  • Social media buttons

  • Newsletter signs up integration

  • Online chat feature

Internal Pages

  • Contact Form.

  • Captcha or anti-spam feature in thecontact form.

  • Personalized about us page.

  • Inner pages content in F pattern.

  • Privacy Policy page if you collect user information like email addresses.

  • FAQ page.

  • Blog page.


  • Search function for the blog.

  • Social Media share buttons for each blog post.

  • The commentfeatures for the blog articles. Make sure to have anti-spam integrated as well.

  • Sidebar showing your other blog posts.

Other Design Considerations

  • Lines that are easy to recognize

  • Clean font. Easily readable.

  • Mobile responsive.

  • Hamburger menu on themobile site.


  • Automatic sitemap creation.

  • Ability to quickly upgrade page titles and Meta description.

  • Easy to update URL structure.


  • Safe, reliable and fast hosting.

  • Security.

  • Auto website backup feature.

Technical Requirements

  • Use a content management system in the backend to make it easy for you to manage and maintain your site.

  • Cross browser compatible.

  • Google Analytics Integration.

  • Google Webmaster tools integration.

  • Speed. Fast loading. Optimized code.

  • Use browser cache to increase speed.


Things To Avoid On Your Website If You Can

  • Don’t use Flash elements.

  • Avoid background music.

  • Do not upload videos on the site server.Instead, use the power of YouTubeand Vimeo.

  • Take advantage of this infographic and watch your business grow